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Jimmy Johnson and new evidence

"Innocent Man Caught-Up Within Wisconsin's Unjust Criminal System"

looking for justice
"In this country, there is no justice for the poor," words of a WI activist. We have been working with prisoners for 10 years now and have learned first hand about our assembly-line justice. Here Are some of the stories. Please contact FFUP or contact the prisoners themselves if you have questions or would like to see documentation. Email us at .

Jimmie Johnson 328433
GBCI; PO Box 19033; Green Bay, Wi 54307
Case no.2000CF005118
Cry for Help.
I just had one of my appeals denied by the court of appeals involving the newly discovered evidence that I received. The courts claims that they agreed that the newly discovered evidence is valid but they don't believe if I was given a new trial the jury would believe the person who is testifying with this evidence which is showing that I was not the person who committed the crime that I'm in here for.
I put myself here by signing a false confession which lead to my conviction. What I really need from you is some help on .. gaining some national attention on my case. The city of Milwaukee knows I've been wrongly accused of the double homocide charge and
even after 11 years of claiming my innocence someone came forward with information on who is the real suspect of the crime I'm in here for. The city of Milwaukee is trying to sweep my case under the rug when we all knows how often our criminal justice system in Wisconsin wrongfully convicted many people due to false confession and mistaken identity or different illegal tactics the Milwaukee detectives use to gain convictions, which they used on me. I do not want to die in here for something I did not do.

36 year old wrongly convicted man languishes within Wisconsin's prison system despite having newly discovered evidence of his innocence. Jimmie Johnson III was convicted in a Milwaukee court of two counts of First degree reckless homocide. Despite what appeared to be an open and shut case against Johnson, evidence surfaced which suggest that another man actually committed the crime. Despite this evidence, the state prosecutors continue to hinder a new trial for Johnson. In a recent decision by the Wisconsin court of appeals District 1, Johnson was denied a new trial despite having proved 4 of the 5 criterias required for a new trial based on newly discovered evidence.

Johnson's newly discovered evidence consisted of an investigative report taken by a private investigator from the Badger State Investigative Services/LLC. within that report the investigator attributes the following statements from an unbiased witness;

"Andre saw kevin backing away from a crowd of people outside the tavern

with his arm extended out, holding out his gun, and he was pointing it at

the crowd".

"Andre said he was upset that Kevin shot people and shot them for no reason".

"Through the years kevin bragged about shooting the people at the bar num-er

ous times to Andre"

"Finally Andre came up with an idea to get his family involved in search for

the convicted person for the crime that Andre's friend committed, Andre is

very much concerned about getting the truth out, but does not want to get

in trouble for not bringing it out years ago.

What I really need is some support to help me gain a new trial to prove my innocence so I can continue my life on the streets as a free man. If any has any comments or suggestion towards helping me regain my life back will you please contact me and share your thoughts or ideas with me. Until then I will be here fighting til my last breathe. Thank you for your time and hopefully someone can be of help to help me regain a new trial to prove that Jimmie Johnson lll is an innocent man suffering behind these prison walls.

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