Thursday, October 27, 2016

Charles Downing

Charles Downing 99690, NLCI; Po Box 4000;New Lisbon, WI 53950

99690, NLCI
In prison since 1991, "Chuck" tells his story here. He claims he is innocent and his best proof is that a crime lab report shows 3 blood types found at the crime scene didn't match his and there were 2 victims and 1 perpetrator and his trial attorney didn't notice the importance of the report; that he was found guilty mostly because of a baseball cap. he's looking for support to initiate a bid to prove his innocence and also needs a penapl- his blurb is below and on  our penpal blog.

Charles' Request for penpal

Charles Downing 0099690
NLCI, PO Box 4000; New Lisbon, WI 53950

August 11, 2016
White, divorced father of one, 55, 6’2” and 280 pounds. I have receeding brown and gray hair and blue eyes. I’ve been confined since 1991 due to three separate cases and will be eligible for parole when I’m 219 years of age( which will change if I can get the case I am innocent of overturned) My sense of humor is my coping tool that  graces me with a personality that draws other prisoners toward me.
For several years I have written short stories, many poems and a couple of tunes. My last poem was in 2007.
It has been a long , dark and lonely walk these past 25-plus years and I’m hoping people would like to be penpals, assist me in my legal struggle to prove my innocence, do searches for me on the internet, public files and open records requests
Please no stickers on the envelope or writing paper and no perfumed letters.  The mailroom rejects
 these letters.
Yours, Charles Downing

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