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Railroaded:Aaron Evans had DNA proof of innocence at trial

Aaron Evans, a 45 year old Black man, was convicted of kidnapping and rape in spite of DNA evidence of innocence at trial. It is an incredible story. Mr Evans was illiterate and did not know what was happening when the tests came back saying the man who did the crime was a white male. This information was kept from the jury. We are iin the process of gathering more documents for this post. Please contact Aaron Evans for more information.
Aaron Evans #270154
PO Box 10933
Green Bay, Wi 54307

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in regards to my wrongful conviction. I am in need of help and have become quite frantic for help, as I know that I am not guilty of my present incarceration. My D.N.A. evidence and all the circumstances surrounding my entire trial point to a wrongful conviction. I was tried and convicted for 2 counts of 2nd Degree sexual assault, and one count of kidnapping. The sentence that was handed to me was 80 years of incarceration.
Now please allow me this brief moment to give you the events that best describe my claims. The state's D.N.A. test that was done on the victim came back as saying the person that actually did the rape was a white male. This would be of no use if I were white. But I am a Black male 45 years of age. Not only did the D.A.'s test state this, but also the Memorial Blood Center of Minnesota also reads as the person who committed the crime was a white male. After the fact, the D.A. had the D.N.A. samples tested four more times to the same effect.
Although the test results were as such, the state told the jury the test confirmed that I was the person who committed the crime. By the standards of law, this is not legal. I have looked for help and have not found any. Though there is proof of my innocence.
There are many articles and issues regarding D.N.A., some from Keith A Findley of the University of Law School. My case is the perfect blue print for all his and other info regarding D.N.A. and falsely accused men. The facts and evidence are in the D.N.A., and that's the "most vital" information on any sexual offense.
One of the reasons I believed I was railroaded is of my lack of or the fact that I couldn't read or write. So most of the things that were going during my trial I couldn't understand. I had people in the county jail cell block read the discovery and the D.N.A. test results. That's the only way I knew that I was placed in the white population. My lawyer never brought this up at all or thought to mention this to me. For that reason I feel that the state, judge, and my lawyer were all railroading me.
I am writing in search of people to bring the truth out about my case. I never thought in a million years that the legal system was falsely convicting non-guilty people. When I heard people on television saying they weren't guilty, I thought the opposite. But now it's happened to me.
Maybe what I'm in search of is a person who is willing to do a good deed. Someone who will go out on a limb and take a risk for me. This is one of the last resorts 1 have. I can't think of any more ways to prove my innocence. To spend life in prison is bad, but to be innocent and spend life in prison, That's even worse.
So could it be you the Lord goes through to save me? I will not let you down and I can truthfully say I'm not guilty. Any more knowledge you need about this case, feel free to write and ask. If it costs you anything, I know that I am a hardworking man and will be willing to help you upon my release.
Thank you for your time and trouble.
Truly Yours,
Aaron Evans

To Whom if may concern:
From the very beginnings of these proceedings, 1 have had my doubts. 1 made those doubts very clear with the District Attorney, the employees that talked with myself and my daughter in the sensitive crimes unit, and also the detective handling the case, Mary Hoerig.
The DA painted a very positive picture, he led us to believe that all the tests were near perfect, no problem, definitely Aaron Evans. So we took his word for it. But, now after he has already been convicted 1 learn that there were discrepancies in the tests, that some tests came back inconclusive and that the first test that was done on the fetal tissue had Aaron Evans listed as male Caucasian. I remember the adjournment that the DA asked for because some reports needed to be fixed, he led us to believe it was not a big deal. But, Aaron Evans is definitely not a male Caucasian.
There was also some evidence that was brought to my attention after the trial, that I, after being reminded of the events that had occurred the week previous to the assault. 1 now remember that we did use a condom the evening of July 18th, 1997 because 1 had made Aaron Evans a doctor appointment to be treated on July 16th, 1997 for what he felt was a venereal disease. It turns out that he was treated and cured in the Milwaukee County Jail, but not until February of 1998because of his fear of relieving himself of the only evidence he might be holding to exonerate himself. Anna was treated for all diseases at Sanai Samaratan Hospital. However where are the cultures that were taken, and did they show that Anna had contracted a venereal disease from Aaron "Evans ?
My biggest question lies in Aaron's Attorney, knowing now that he had the proof to remind me of the night of July 18J. 1997. Why didn't he question me regarding this, or because he subpoenaed me. Why didn't he pull me aside the day of the trial to refresh my memory. I called his office numerous times to try to discuss with him why he had subpoenaed me. and to discuss whatever he intended to ask, in order to be prepared for trial. He never called me back. Also why didn't Valencia Graf testify? She was at the Courthouse, my child and I witnessed her in the hall to the courtroom on Thursday January 21st, 1999, but she was supposedly not available to testify.
After the trial was over talked with Jane Munson, from the sensitive crimes Unit, and discussing why the Jury picked those three charges. She told me and my friend Maritza Cortez, that the Jury had some problems because one of the jurors saw the same scenario or a soap opera and therefore felt that Aaron's story , however crazy it may have seemed, held some merit. And my testimony would have had a great bearing on that outcome.
Due to all the inconsistencies, I no longer feel mat the strong charges are valid or believable.
If you have any question or comments please feel free to contact me at (414)423-0100 ext.-5829 or at home at (414)444-6332. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.
Also, Attorney Backes, Aaron still has not received copies of the transcript, and the papers in order to file an appeal.


Peggy A Liebing
signed 2 16 99

Stamped by notary republic, Maritza Cortez

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