Friday, August 11, 2017

Ryan Pruitt Needs to get back into court for appeal and retrial

Ryan J Pruitt 630644, WCI;  PO Box 351, Waupun, WI 53963
born 1994, 22 years old

main portion of his first letter: 7 30 17
My name is Ryan Pruitt. I prefer Liquid but choose whichever you feel best fits your tone of voice. O humbling beg for prayer and help nothing more. NO, I won’t need envelopes or paper God has blessed me with a great mind.

I am incarcerated at the moment for things of which I did and things of which I didn’t. I accepted my mistakes and learned from them the truth is all you will get from me. I am 22 years old and 23 come Nov 1st.  I find myself with 60 in 30 out for my very first felonies I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t even have a juvenile record. Please feel free to look me up and see for yourself the proof of all I speak about. UP until last month all I did was teach myself litigation tactics, case law and statues. I was ignorant to all those things at 19 and that’s how I ended up in Waupun. I fought long and hard to one day return to my family and son. Well as I last month I found out I lost my only child. His name was Zayden A Lawson died at 3 years old he was beaten to death by a family member on his mother’s side.

As any news similar should, it really broke me down. I see that I really can’t fight this battle on my own. My family struggle to send me what they  have. So it’s safe to say I don’t have any way to get lawyer money unless I sell drugs in here. If I get caught That’ll dig me a deeper hole I know. But Honestly, I feel like I can’t breathe right I have to get out. I’ve written  several lawyers but no hand has reached out except with upward palms.

I know about your penpal site and was only hoping to join your site. I hope to find a lawyer to help me with my appeal and re-trial because there will be one. I have DNA issues which once pointed out will grant me my remanding. I know through that with this emotional set back my mind will not be whole again no mater what. I would love to have new friends to write but I can only truly focus on my freedom. I need to more than I feel the earth needs water.
Read his first letter on pdf :

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lorenzo Wisconsin

Lorènzo Johnson 295855 
WCI P0 Box 351;Waupun, Wi 53963

Hello World! My name is Lorenzo Johnson. I am also truly a victim in every which way imagined. And I am reaching out to you from a demise disposition from an actual innocent and indecent.  Here is the link that presents an overall review of How and why I'm confined :

I wish I could write how much of a model inmate I have been but unfortunately I struggle with accurately following the rules and procedures accordingly. Even though I go for years on end without catching tickets for breaking institutional rules of the D.O.C.,mentally I find it difficult comprehending at times and conducting myself to all the rules of the institution. I don't intend to make excuses but I do have psychological and emotional instabilities that I'm not proud of which limits my understanding and grasp.

People on the outside forget so quickly how racism plays an extreme role in life threatening decisions which race is target and exploited overwhelmingly unfavorable unfair by the Criminal Justice System for arrest and conviction which brings me to the next point. People also fail to understand, realize and acknowledge prisons don't tend to provide real treatment for those of us who suffer from Mental and Emotional instabilities. And with no moral support by family and friends, chances of receiving some type of cognizant programming to induce positive thinking and reduce negative thoughts are seemingly non-existing. The dynamics of this fact are also true for me; disturbing and distraughting which makes it hard to explain. The isolation of abandonment already destroys the Potential Humanity within you but it is ten times worse when you have learning and emotional disabilities. Once upon a time I did have strong family ties, I guess the longer you're incarcerated the less relevant you become to any and everybody.

I remain persistent at getting in any programs where I can receive treatment to improve any mental capabilities. In theory, verbally, and on paper, prisons may claim to provide proper programming and treatment, but there's a lot of politics and favoritism involved for inmates in my position and from experience I basically strive in dire need of restoration from these programs as I attempt to rehabilitate myself with not much valid assistance provided by the institution. Only a minimum amount of inmates are granted and approved to attend cognizant programming and they are those who's soon to be released. This is a maximum security institution designed for inmates with astronomical time. Therefore, programs for prisoners who need proper. treatment should be accessible equally to provide "Help" for all those in "Need" of it especially for those with bountiful mental and emotional problems.

My Inmate Classification Report will reveal previous programs I'd signed up for but was discouraged from attending. Regardless of my learning disabilities, I continue to self-educate and rehabilitate myself to the best of my abilities and the best way I Know how even though by law the State suppose to provide treatment in an institutional setting instead of creating conditions, situations, and an atmosphere dissuading and condemning us through disciplinary segregation as a substitute to mental treatment. In my honest opinion without trying to seem bias within these confined walls, The reality of rehabilitation towards a productive release for those of us who follow the rules and take it upon ourselves to self-help-educate and continue to conjure any morals and values it takes to feel Humane is void and replaced by a cycle of calamity designed by the Department of Corrections to persistently break your spirits literally, exploit ones' weakness, uproot any sign of determination, wipe out individual personality that shapes you and makes you unique, human and keeps you sane. All the while innuendo utilizing you as a tool; therefore, unfit for society to be released.
Sincerely from Mr. Lorenzo Johnson        

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Antonio Herrera Needs Help Proving His Innocence

Antonio Herrera Jr#396578
Racine Correctional Institution\Po Box 900
Sturtevant, WI 53177

Antonia Herrera  was not in the home where the crime was committed. Got party to a crime of 1st degree intentional homicide,Burglary and Robbery. Guy who actually did the crime, took a deal and got less time.

His Story below
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I got my case on 11/9/1999 I am under the old law, I am locked up for being a party to the crime of 1st degree intentional homicide,Burglary and Robbery.

 I did not do the crime but they say I was in the house and I have told them the whole time that I was never in the house at the time of the crime my charges say other wise.

I took my case to trial and got party to the crime guilty, the guy that told them he did the crime, took a deal and got less time them me, he will be getting out soon and I set here doing the time he should be doing, I keep fighting my case and feel that I should not get more time then the guy who did the crime. I have made mistakes in my life but I did not do the crime I am here for and my parole date was set so high that by the time I can go for parole the guy that did this crime would already be home for 10 plus years. I am hoping that your able to help me in some way I have missed up in my life but in here I have never gotten into, a fight or been involved with drugs. In my trial the DA. lied to the jury and I was trying to get a DNA test on gloves that... the DA claims I must have worm in the home that I never entered, I offered to pay some how if needed for the DNA test that would show the DA lied in my trial but I have to help But my PSI said that the guy who did it told the courts that I have a Issue with angel that I em violent and antisochal I love being around people and if I had a anger problem I would not be trusted in here to work in maintenance driving a steamroller and used Tools like saws razors ect. I am at a stand still and need some one to step up and help if all possiblethe system is missed up when the guy who did a crime can get out before the one who is just a party to the crim I think that 15plus years should of been anough but was punished for taking my case to trial in polk county, that is up north where there have been alot of problems with the judges and Lawyers and DA's knowing each other and not doing what is write, if you can please help in any way here is my PRC papers my story and my address feel free to post it any place you need to and if people need or want to write me they are free to do so. thank you for your time I look forward to hearing from you soon also here is my picture its the best I got thank you. for your time and thank you for everything you do and for the time you take and for having a big heart with respects always. Antonio Herrea JR.' p.s. here is my address. Antonio Herrera JR 1/ 396578 Unit Ozaukee-east Racine Correctional Institution P0 BOX 900 .Sturtevant, WI 53177-0900

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Charles Downing

Charles Downing 99690, NLCI; Po Box 4000;New Lisbon, WI 53950

99690, NLCI
In prison since 1991, "Chuck" tells his story here. He claims he is innocent and his best proof is that a crime lab report shows 3 blood types found at the crime scene didn't match his and there were 2 victims and 1 perpetrator and his trial attorney didn't notice the importance of the report; that he was found guilty mostly because of a baseball cap. he's looking for support to initiate a bid to prove his innocence and also needs a penapl- his blurb is below and on  our penpal blog.

Charles' Request for penpal

Charles Downing 0099690
NLCI, PO Box 4000; New Lisbon, WI 53950

August 11, 2016
White, divorced father of one, 55, 6’2” and 280 pounds. I have receeding brown and gray hair and blue eyes. I’ve been confined since 1991 due to three separate cases and will be eligible for parole when I’m 219 years of age( which will change if I can get the case I am innocent of overturned) My sense of humor is my coping tool that  graces me with a personality that draws other prisoners toward me.
For several years I have written short stories, many poems and a couple of tunes. My last poem was in 2007.
It has been a long , dark and lonely walk these past 25-plus years and I’m hoping people would like to be penpals, assist me in my legal struggle to prove my innocence, do searches for me on the internet, public files and open records requests
Please no stickers on the envelope or writing paper and no perfumed letters.  The mailroom rejects
 these letters.
Yours, Charles Downing

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Randy Behnke Innocent

note: FFUP has often found that the people who have the most difficult time in our prisons are those who consider themselves innocent. The DOC does not consider the innocent option and at every turn impedes progress. 

Below, Randy Behnke is refused sex offender  programming because he will not admit guilt. This  is a dilemma for many. In our view, he has well served his time  and is eligible for parole and should be out.

Randy Behnke 113946
RCI, Po Box 900
Sturtevant, WI 53177

          I’ve been prison for 22 years 4 months for a crime I didn’t commit. Parole will not parole me. The DOC will not allow me to complete my programs to earn parole because I cannot admit to a crime I did not commit.
         My MR is coming up October 18. Parole commission informed me he is recommending my PMR charge be enforced which adds 5 years 4 months to 2018 October. This is not my fault, never has been, my conduct is good no tickets so I just keep being punished for a domestic situation with my girl friend in 1994 which was all conjecture.
         I’ve tried everything, fighting my conviction, Wisconsin Innocence Project. Sentence modification, try to convince DOC to allow me to do programs. Nothing works. Now I’m out of time for my MR is in October 2018.So they lord the PMR over me to keep me longer. All of this is so wrong and so unjust they put it all on me. I’m absolutely miserable and despondent.  No where to turn.
         I see guys like Steven Avery and his nephew Brandon Dassey get all the help they want but not me. I’m not lying about this. What would be the point.  For once I would love, just once to have someone be on my side.
Randy Behnke 2014 Xmas

Randy Behnke with Dad and family

Randy  with family-in 1994

all pictures all together as they arrived at FFUP

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