Friday, July 05, 2019

Tony Eppenger has evidence never before the court

Tony Eppenger 227769
Stanley Correctional Institution; 100 Corrections Drive,
 Stanley, WI 54768
tony eppenger

 BD 1956/ 53

 in since 1991, life sentence

Hello, My name is Tony Eppenger. I been locked up for 30 years for a crime I didn’t commit. I was charged 
with first degree intentional homicide in 1990, I was represented at trial by attorney Ann T Bowe. It took me 
23 years to raise my reading level from a third grade level to a ninth grade level.  My lawyer failed to inform
 me that the victim "jumped the fence” , that he was the aggressor, that I am not guilty of first degree homicide. 
Right after the trial I was diagnosed with a learning disability and possible mental retardation .
I need assistance from any lawyer or any help to get my case in federal court under actual innocence. 
At the time of my crime I was 24 years old, now I’m 53 years old. If you read my briefs and reply brief you
 will see, I was totally oblivious to the go- for –broke defense also known as the all- or -nothing defense, 
my lawyer never informed me of the ramifications of this defense! The witness came to my preliminary hearing
 and testified that my lawyer did no investigation of the facts of my case. My lawyer never advised me of 
lesser included defenses. My lawyer told me to testify that I didn’t do the shooting because the witness didn’t
 see me do the shooting. I would accept any help or advice.
Tony Eppenger

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Charles Bliesner Innocent, needing friends, medical care

 Charles Bliesner #417611
GBCI; PO Box 19033
Green Bay, 54307

Charles' Story on JPG:

Monday, May 07, 2018

Vonell Shaw 22 years old and innocent

Vonell Shaw

4 26 18
I was charged with crimes I did not commit,  I sold drugs in exchange for stolen property. The man that sold me drugs assaulted the victim. Because I was in possession of the stolen property I was charged with his crimes. I’m 100% innocent .I was excluded by the Wisconsin State Crimes Lab as to my DNA being found. However, they found unknown male DNA at the victim’s residence. My attorney NEVER submitted the DNA results into evidence. I was on surveillance camera at another location , once the crime occurred. My attorney NEVER obtained the surveillance video. The victim pointed me out in trial as the Black man she remember but she sated the man DID NOT have any tattoos!  I’ve had my neck, arm s, hands tattoos years before this crime occurred. I’m 100% innocent, I was wrongfully convicted. I received 30 years in prisoner for crimes I’m innocent of . The police lied. The prosecutor hid evidence. My attorney purposely sold me out. DNA does not lie. There’s innocent people in prison, where DNA exonerated them , In my case, DNA was another Man’s DNA. The police know but I still was found guilty. I’m innocent. Can someone please help me? Please? I’m innocent and had nothing to do with this crime.

Vonell Shaw  #605592;CCI; PO Box 900; Portage, WI 53901


Joy and Pain
My joy is laced with sorrows
On the underside of pain
And even though I wear a smile
It’s tainted by disdain.

This pain I taste is better-sweet
Like dreams of love that’s passed
And shedding tears of ecstasy
That never seem to last

Like a flower that grew from concrete
That blossomed in the city; nurtured by the hatred of
Violent streets;  AND poisoned by its mask of love or pity;
In cement he spread his roots; no stranger to Hunger, Thirst
And lack; survival of the fittest , and he followed suit.
NO hope of escape nor will to turn back; like a flower that grew from cement. He was adorned with the tines and turns of the street and nothing could move his soul to repent; though many things pushed him to scorn; 
Now soon the flower caught society’s eye; when he began to stand in their way; so they yanked him up-quick-left him to die, and demanded the price he should pay; 
Broke, damaged and wounded, he began to wilt, and what remained of him was run by pain; but yet and still he felt free of all guilt; with no feelings or sorrow or shame; 
Until knowledge and truth rained down on this flower; and filled him with a life- giving stream; releasing him at last from the street’s dark power; and from all of its nightmarish dreams; and still he blooms til this very day -thriving while striving against self defeat; bringing color to places of slate –black and gray; the flower that grew from concrete.
Roses are red; Your smile is very cute
You face is beautiful, Your soul is beautiful too;
Whenever its dark; you burn bright; you shine like a start; day and night.
Your beautiful eyes; your beautiful ways;
I love you so much in every single way.

Whenever I’m sad, you make me feel good;
I’ll always protect you; l’ll never ;
Beautiful you are; my Beautiful shining star;
I will treat you great; I won’t defeat you in any way;
Beautiful your(soft, subtle touch!
Beautiful you are, I love you so much!


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