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Aaron Evans-DNA mismatch

This is a story about victimization involving DNA evidence used by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. It could impact the public in many ways, involving DNA structure and how it's used in our criminal justice system. This story relates to that of a previous story about "", which involved a young lady named Jennifer Smith; a piece recently done by Fox 32 News in CHicago. The object of this story is to expose the DNA mismatching with Wisconsin's
Judicial system. It is a story of wrongful conviction.
-Documents will be provided as evidence upon request. There's even a detective that can notify you of my whereabouts during the incident that occurred.

           Letter to Media:
Dear News Reporter/Official:
-There was :recently a piece done involving DNA mismatching on Fox 32 News, presented on the 30th of October, 2017. The story involved a young lady named Jennifer Smith. She had sent her DNA to the well known website "" and when her results were returned to her it stated that she was of European -. nationality; when she is actually an African-American female.

I am writing you hoping that hoping that you could expose the coverups involving my criminal case involving DNA mismatching by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. I am also an African-American male serving an eighty-year sentence. So far I have been incarcerated for twenty of those years. Wisconsin is known for tampering with evidence and corruption. If you've viewed the documented piece about Steven Avery and Dassey called "Making of.a Murdefer," on Netflix, by Mona Demos and Laura Ricciardi, these were the people I first tried to contact. This was so I could show them and the public how they made me into a sex offender- with violent intentions. THEY MADE ME OUT TO BE A MONSTER!

My case is closed. The case number is 97CF973208. I have so many flaws in my case, that I've taken to trial, that I c can.t get out to the public. I've also tried to contact "Fox 6 News" here in Wisconsin, who never got back to either me or my daughter.

Maybe you could send a professional my way that's willing to investigate this matter and do a report on it. Wisconsin is putting up barriers to block me from getting information out to the public, which could be a major concern for everyone.

Wisconsin accused me of molesting my fifteen-year old stepdaughter and getting her pregnant following the incident. She then had an abortion. Afterwords, they did a DNA test on myself, my step-daughter, and the the unborn fetus.

Like Jennifer Smith, they did the same thing to me and put me into the Caucasian population at 99.999±percent on three separate dates. Then they did two more tests on Martin Luther King's birthday of '99 (January 18th). I clearly know that everything was closed on that holiday. On that date they put me into both the Hispanic population at 99.999 percent, then finally into the African American population at 99.999 percent. None of this evidence was presented in my trial. They gave me the maximum sentence of eighty-years, because they said I had a prior sexual case in-Green Bay, Wisconsin, where I served four months. 

The date that I started my time was June17th 1992. It started in Brown County Jail. I was supposed to be released on October 17th, 1992. Here's the problem with that: I didn't do neither the crime nor the time. Someone had used my information. I have video tapes with dates on the footage that state I wasn't incarcerated at that time. No one can find the booking photos of myself during this time. They'd arrested me in Milwaukee and transported me back to Green Bay saying that I committed this crime. The date was 07/25/1991. This will be a picture of me,if someone, can find the booking photo and compare the two of them. If you can find both of the pictures with the case number 1991CF000307 and send it to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Someone from my past who is now working for the police department as a detective can notify you of my whereabouts. I will provide her name upon request, if this report entices the News station.
Racine Correctional Institution has access to a Kiosk machine. If you can send me an email address for easier, and more efficient communication, I could explain this story in greater detail. Even a private P0 Box that doesn't have a news logo would work.
Thank you for your time and
Aaron Evans#270154 Racine Correctional Inst. Unit: Jefferson West
P0 BOX 900
Sturtevant, WI. '53177

1. :
       1st page:This is the first test.They are not in order.The DA kept sending this back every time they got the nationality wrong 11-27-98
      2nd page: this is the last affidavit the victime and parents filed with the courts. I do not have permission to leave her number on this paper, I scratched it out

2. pdf :
  1st page:this is the second test-as you can see, they wrote the results in. 12 18 98
   2nd page: third test done 12 21 98

3. -
 1st page:4th test done 1-18-99
 2nd page:Everything it says on this paperit says on the other to nationalities also

4. this is the fifth test they did finally getting my race right. I did not receive the Hispanic or Black one until I was up sentenced and up north and my appellate attorney came to see me.

5. WCCA case citing

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