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Lloyd Jarrow documents showing new evidence

Lloyd Jarrow 365826
N23C 10/DWCC
670 Bell Hill Rd
Homer, LA 71040     

 Cause of Innocence
Criminal history of witnesses discovered and charges that were dropped because of testimony

When all has failed there’s always something inspiring and engaging waiting to be discovered to push you back on course. Sometimes we give in just before we make it to the other side.The toll of the journey becomes much too expansive, so we think. I guess, it’s why only a few complete the odyssey with poise.
I believe hopes and dreams are nothing more than stimulants and seeds.  For some it’s the closest they’ll get to accomplishment, fantasizing; no hate intended. Actually, I can relate to fantasy be it as a book writer, a doctor, entrepreneur, finding a good paying job, dating the world’s sexiest woman, or just living the average American life. I’ve dreamed of those things both asleep and awake. 
I had to dream myself from the dismay and disorder of prison and the reality of facing the numbers , the vital statistics. That is if you’re innocent with a life sentence the chances of getting back to civilization is 10 to one. I’ve dreamed for a better tomorrow..just to have a peace of mind for that day. For quite some time those dreams sustained me and consequently suspended a realistic view into my circumstance.. for things are hardly ever as bad a they seem .
Since I’ve made a conscious choice to live and forge towards my freedom , indeed, I’ve discovered ( with the support of “divine mother”) “new evidence” That reopens my 17 year old case. Its ironic considering I was only 17. I feel good about this new year. If you’ve read my previous blog about my innocence you know that I was illiterate in the 10th grade. And this is the second time I’ve discovered evidence that district attorney withheld. The first implicated the DA witnesses of murder setting the victim up to be robbed and killed. The evidence I’ve discovered also showed how the detective covered for these witnesses before the grand jury. The trial jury never heard that evidence.. none of it…
Now I’ve discovered those same witnesses criminal history. And it’s shocking to see the charges the district Attorney’s office dismissed on their behalf, including 15 drug charges, 17 assault charges, 13 contempt of court, aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, armed robbery and more throughout their criminal career. Needless to say, some of those charges were dropped a few months and days before their testimony in my 1996 trial. Why?
This is a break in my case. These witnesses were obviously corrupt and unworthy of belief.The DA knew if the truth of their criminal history came to light no reasonable minded juror would believe they were testifying because it was the right thing to do.
Every dog has its day. I can’t begin to explain how deep it hurt to be deprived of your freedom for a crime you never committed. I feel hate although I try to reconcile and smile to keep from crying. I’m afraid that I’ve become numb. I’m sure (I hope anyway) it subsides when or if I am ever free.
Note: I have reason to believe the “duty detective” that was assigned to investigate my case is related to the alleged eye witness. Stay tuned:::I have to get proof of their family tree. I welcome a you all to support this case of /and cause of freedom.
Sage: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel .”
Maya Angelo
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Lloyd Jarrow 365826
N23C 10/DWCC
670 Bell Hill Rd
Homer, LA 71040      

                                                           Record of Thad Creecy 

 below: criminal record for second witness


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