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Loyd Jarrow:Judgement calls without justice

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                                       Post 3: Judgment Calls without justice or Judges?.
  Have you ever hit rock bottom on your dreams and accomplishment? Pressing down on your spirit and spine. Most people share this sentiment after losing a job, loved one, a portion of their health or home. Despair and distraction come in many forms.
   In Alabama, Hispanic communities almost overnight pulled their children from schools and fled the state after the new immigration law went into effect, Sept 20011.  The state law made it legal for state police and xenophobes to check the immigration status of anyone that so much as suspected of being an illegal immigrant.. Never mind the racial profiling that would ensue and ingrain. The law followed the United States Supreme court decision upholding  the Legal Arizona Workers Act(2007) which penalizes employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants, The court chief justice John Roberts rules that revoking a business license and penalizing a business for such a practice fell within the authority congress chose to leave to the states.
   For more reasons that one I feel that it's not only vile but political hypocrisy. Do we not remember our ancestral lineage those of us who were sent into exile and excommunicated-kicked out of England? Do we not know that the very foundation of this country from the stem to the stem was built by the blood,sweat and tears of immigrants, disenchfranchised Whites, Chinese, Jews, Germans, African Slaves? How then is it a grave wrong for them to seek refuge and liberation by following the underground path that was paved before them. The new law also make it a crime to feed and shelter them or give any kind of assistance. It's a public outcry ( I say" Occupy!")to be forced to live a s a fugitive and failure in a country your ancestors helped build and protect.
    Perhaps you feel different and distant to humanitarian needs of anyone who's trying to enter this country that's not American born and registered. If so, I wonder what you think of me?
I'm an African American and the adjective is important because it reflects and defines a time when, where and how I was shipped, transatlantic, and inhumanely sold, albeit good or bad faith, for profit -excuse my passion!
    But it's no mistake , we have to aggressively move to change. as a firm believer in Democracy we have to become the change our government fails to afford. Id we lay arround and wait we could, for lack of a better word, end up raped and murdered. Why do I say that? Where  do I get my audacity? It's in black and white literally.
    More than 60,000 women  were forced or coerced into sterilization  procedures in the USA today. It read Sterilization Programs  in about 30 states largely targeting he poor and mentally ill from 1907 to1974. Now North Carolina has just (2002) sanctioned a eugenics program that sterilized more than 7600 women. ON mother, Nial Ramires, was 18 at the time in 1964. During her second pregnancy that state appointed social worker threatened that if she didn't consent to the procedures her mother's benefits would stop. "She told me that I had to have sterilization because if I didn't my brothers and sisters would have nothing to eat and it would be all my fault."Mrs Ramires said "we didn't have enough to eat as it was. I didn't have a choice." The social worker assured her that the procedures was reversible.. eight years later, after the fact, she found out that it was not true. How could one not feel robbed and raped by you own state? Another who went through the same procedure said " they gutted us up like hogs, dogs and cats! And we ain't healed! I just keep praying asking God to give me strength"
            You think I'm stretching the point when I use the words" rape and murder?" How would you feel if someone had induced you mother to be sterilized before she had your sibling? I think it's flat out robbery and rape , if not worse. To have your God given birthright taken from you. I can't explain how deep and far a corrupt government would go to steal and sell the very life out of its citizens. Passivity and ignorance has no place in the democracy. I'm writing from first  hand experience.
           As an innocent juvenile offender, I've had the doors of justice slam-bang in my face quite a few times inspite of "new evidence" connecting the state star witness(es) to the victim's murder and legal documents showing the lead detective protecting those same witnesses by lying and withholding this evidence from both the grand jury and the trial jury. Evidence that further supports my innocence shows that the same witnesses were more than inclines to lie ad shift the weight. And additional evidence-yes! I did say " additional evidence"-shows these witnesses were no mere drug addicted observers( as the district attorney led them to believe)  with a simple felony conviction but career criminals. One whom had  been arrested for major and multiple charges and penalties including:10 drug charges, 15 assaults, 12 contempt charges 4 fugitive, aggravated rape, aggravated kidnap, armed robbery and more. It was all withheld from the jury, suppressed by the district attorney and not investigated  by my state appointed attorney.
  Perhaps it just the nature of the beast and I'm only a man-child that trying to tame it. They say "criminal trials are too important to be left up to jurors", the 99%ers.
   It was early May 21, 2007 when the Louisiana State 5th Circuit Court of Appeal central Staff Director Jerrold Peterson 55 wrote his confession and suicide…
   "Dear judge, by the time you get this letter I will be dead. This is a terrible way to end my relationship with you, the court and all the staff but this is how it was destined to end, I suspect.."
There were several reasons offered why Mr Peterson would want to end his life but none as gray and graphic as his "declaration against Interest." My Peterson spelled it out for the judge and the world to read and relate in that final letter.
      "In part, " How many of you have called and asked me to handle tariff tickets or to get someone out of jail without bond or to clear up contempt charges pending against friends?  Never. have I declined to help someone you sent to me or refused to solves some problem you had."
  " Above and beyond my regular duties and the extracurricular tasks you gave me, I have ably represented you interest at the legislature for almost 10 years. Capital out lay free fund legislation judge's pay raises-I've done it all. And since judges cannot engage in politics,  I did that.  I shield you from prohibition against lobbying I put myself in harms way."
     "For probably the past 10 years NOT ONE criminal writ application filed by an inmate pro se has been reviewed by a judge on the court. I prepared the ruling on each of those write applications and they were signed by a judge , without so much as a glance at the application. In Fact, two of the judges on the writ panel never even knew the pro se applications were filed, much less being aware of the contents.. As long as you got your pay wages you were content to ignore the law"( The Angolite, Jan/Feb 2009)
    It's not by accident that the very same judges we look up to and the very state we live in are part of the big scheme to any the poor and working class minorities  meaningful opportunity to change their circumstances. Because this change, so they think, will effect their hold on power.
   However in the democracy we have a right to interrupt any sort of corruption. Better put, we have a duty to demand justice by keeping those who were unjustly denied and have died as proof that we are not "crying wolf". If we don’t act aggressively and realistically there will be no chance to stop this machine.
    Someone once said " he who is whip easy is whip most". We have the ability to make a difference.
Act now by taking on a cause-something that's going o serve those that are in the struggle.. because you are me and I am you and to do nothing is evil!

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