Monday, October 02, 2006

Jose Soto, innocent

Jose Soto #307830; CCI; PO Box 900; Portage, Wi 53901
I'm incarcerated for a "homicide" out of Milwaukee in summer of 2000. I was trying to make fast money by selling marijuana. I'd ran into someone I knew and he wanted to buy some cocaine. I said I could get it and we were supposed to meet later in the day, only I had a lot going on that day as I was to attend my younger brother's graduation at Hamilton High School, had to pick up my car from an auto body shop, and was collecting money to post bail for someone that evening, so I wasn't able to meet the guy who wanted to buy the cocaine.

I gave the phone I'd been using to my friend and told him to go ahead and make the sale when he calls. I went on to get a few checks and money orders, gave them to my uncle to bail out someone and I went out to Cudahy to pick my car up. I then drove to my parents home and we (mother, father, sister, and grandmother) all went to the high school for the graduation. We attended the ceremony until approximately 9:30 pm, drove home and I went to a girl friend's home for a small party until 3 am or so.

The next day I'm told I am being sought for a homicide. I end up being arrested, beat up, burned skin off hands with coffee- I have pictures). Made false promises and signed a false statement.

I was told I was suspect due to victim's attempt to contact me prior to death. Then, the lead detective is one who beat me in '95 and was suspended for same. Well, he had a field day with the case and as a result, fed people information (it's on transcript) and threatened life imprisonment for crimes they were not involved in.

I went to trial twice. The first time ended in a mistrial. I went to trial a second time and this attorney failed to investigate, or call my alibi witnesses to confirm 1) the cashier check made at time victim was attempting to contact me as witness states, 2) to call witness from auto body repair and pickup, 3) person who drove me to shop and followed me to parents, 4) family at graduation, 5)present pictures of me at graduation. These all prove that NO WAY could I make graduation if I was anywhere near the crime scene shooting ay 7 pm: 1) Graduation was at 7 pm.2) Credit union at 5:28 pm. 3)20 minutes to house;4)18 minutes to car shop: 5:56;5)18 minutes back plus 5 to get car:6:24 pm; 6)20 minutes to high school With parents-6:45.

The attorney put on no defense and I was convicted. I write letters to ask why attorney never presented pictures of burns to my hands by police, or call alibis. Attorney wrote back stating he knew of the photos but didn't attempt to view them. This is ineffective.

Also, While in Dodge Correctional Institution I received a letter from a friend and he stated he read the paper on me and is sorry for not telling me sooner, but "he" killed victim for trying to rob a friend.
Notice : Please Help if you can:
I am looking for ANYONE whom either attended the graduation or graduated from HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June of 2000. I was at the graduation when the crime occurred and I am looking for anyone who either made a video of the event , remembers my presence, or has a photo of the graduation with me in it.

I am also looking for anyone who lived near or knows someone who lived near 30th and Pierce in Milwaukee Wisconsin in July of 2000. Please write me (Jose Soto address above)or contact FFUP at 29631 Wild Rose Drive; Blue River, Wi 53518; email:

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