Saturday, April 07, 2007

Douglas Horn

Douglas Horn; Arizona State Prison complex- Lewis; Rast Unit HU2-ALL, PO Box 3600; Buckeye, AZ 85326

I have been down since 1994. I get put in 2016. My charge was child molester, now i know just the name child molester and anyone is automatically guilty. Now-a- days any kids mad at adults for other reasons - all they have to do is make up a story of child molester. I pled guilty on "plea bargain" elligible for parole in ½ sentence served. A "plea bargain" is a promise. I knew nothing about the law at the time. At the time I had a mental illness of depression-drugged-up -entoxication of prozac high doses for 10 years before my trial. I was not competent to stand trial, "hearing voices". I could not confront the lies of my accusers, would not defend myself or pick a jury.
The public defender told me to plead guilty on plea bargain for less time so I did whatever he told me to do. The promise in the plea bargain was breached and I got 22 years for a crime I never did. I was supposed to be eligible for parole last year.
All my serious injuries and disabilities were caused by AZ prison medical. I am totally disabled , degenerating knee bone disease, spinal column bone injury, seriously injured right hand, only one eye- the other with black eye patch after doctor horrible mutilated eye with evil motive and intent to hurt me by two major eye operations. I am confined to a wheel chair.
I found out when I get out of prison social security won't give me ANYTHING at age 67 and disabled can't work- totally disabled" I have life time probation.
So what's left for me waiting for me when I get out will be bias, prejudice because of my alleged sex offense. I look at it as I must steal or kill to survive when I get out. Except I am very honest so only thing left is suicide! I do not look forward to . This is my sad story due to corrupt courts, corrupt judges and society on police state of Arizona. Don't come to Arizona.

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why the tax payers have to pay to keep a wheel chair bound 67 year old in prison for child molestation? what am i missing here?

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