Sunday, April 25, 2010

Carl Gilbert

Carl Gilbert Jr. 97408
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Waupun, WI 53963

Dear public,
It’s quite often you read , then decide who should, shall and must be dead, or left in prisons or harassed, retaliated and/or punished for crimes or acts they may or may not have done..without really knowing the complete and full facts and the person. Therefore I am taking a chance to expose a couple of things about myself, my crimes, and up bringing…
My name is Carl C Gilbert Jr. I’m a 45 year old African American (Brother!)of dark brown complexion , brown eyes, 5’8” tall, 164 lbs., been confined for an (6/4/1992sexual assault against my step mother (Nina Y Wills-Gilbert)) in which she told a complete lie based off revengeful and retaliatory acts to have me prosecuted and sent to confinement on prison. (18 years)
Summary of facts: At the time I was 28 years old and Nina was 38 years old.. and my dad is 85 years old now. You do the math. I was just released from serving a 6 years prison sentence where I did about 4 ½ years in WI DOC., GBCI (Green Bay correctional Institution) and CCI ( Columbia Correctional Institution) and was released on 11/18/1991, and me and my step mother again started our drug related sexual relationship with me supplying the drugs. My family, sisters and Dad all knew something was going on but never caught me and Nina in any acts. Nevertheless, I told m Dad many times not to marry this dope fiend, alcoholic, whorish wife back in 1988, when I got out of prison that time, and my home boys was having sex with Nina for drugs and drinking money…with me too. He did not want to listen. He thought I was lying or was too much in love.
Didn’t know, well in May 1992,while my step mother was payee for my SSI checks to receive for me, She spent$1,400 dollars of m money without me knowing ,on her drugs, to pay her and my dad’s bills.
At this time I report this to the SSA office and told my dad and sisters, The Family, that Nina’ a dope fiend Bitch whore. She and I been having sex for years and doing strange things for drugs and drinking money. My dad kicked me out of his home and started beating his Wife Nina ass bad.
About 2 weeks later Nina calls my mother’s house (apartment) looking for me. I pick up the phone talking to Nina she wanna get high and have sex with me, we talk, I hang up about 2 times, the third time she tells me to meet her on 6th and Walnut by Hillside in Milwaukee, WI. I do. We get high( I used to shoot up cocaine) and drink a little.. have sex all over the house.
The next thing I know, The Milwaukee County Police Department was awakening me saying to get dressed. I was dizzy and kept falling on the bed. I was being charged with first degree sexual assault, kidnapping and armed robbery.
I still did understand this or what was going on until 2 Days later when I saw my attorney and was awakened with reality. I was drugged and set up.
My mother (Adele) heard somewhat of me and my stepmother (Nina)conversations and she would not get involved with it. My sister and dad knew me and Nina been having and held conversations. Had turned their backs on me and would not be my witness , saying they did not want to get involved.
My mother, (adele) carried me still using drugs and drinking and selling her body. My dad meet my mother buying sex from her. My Dad is and always will be a trick.
I have a nephew/brother I just learned about ten months ago , 2 half brothers and 5 half sisters..
I was born in Chicago, IL; grow up in Chicago Il and Wisconsin( Milwaukee). I travel a lot when not locked up. 5 adult incarceration=and no more.
Back in 1883 and 994 I caught 2 counts of battery by prisoner, and got 4 years CS and 4 years CS(consecutive sentence). With my 12/7/92 (10) Alford plea sentence(consecutive sentence). And total of 18 years sentence term. My max discharge (8/28/2010). I’m fighting a 980 Civil commitment I was unlawfully and unconstitutionally committed to and me and my attorney are appealing it now.
I’m not a rapist or child molester or some sick ass person preying on people. Just the state want people to believe this mess with alleged victim like my step mother only seeking revengeful acts , retaliatory acts and not for just and real justification of flaws..
Holler at me for more about Carl.

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