Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Antonio Herrera Needs Help Proving His Innocence

Antonio Herrera Jr#396578
Racine Correctional Institution\Po Box 900
Sturtevant, WI 53177

Antonia Herrera  was not in the home where the crime was committed. Got party to a crime of 1st degree intentional homicide,Burglary and Robbery. Guy who actually did the crime, took a deal and got less time.

His Story below
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I got my case on 11/9/1999 I am under the old law, I am locked up for being a party to the crime of 1st degree intentional homicide,Burglary and Robbery.

 I did not do the crime but they say I was in the house and I have told them the whole time that I was never in the house at the time of the crime my charges say other wise.

I took my case to trial and got party to the crime guilty, the guy that told them he did the crime, took a deal and got less time them me, he will be getting out soon and I set here doing the time he should be doing, I keep fighting my case and feel that I should not get more time then the guy who did the crime. I have made mistakes in my life but I did not do the crime I am here for and my parole date was set so high that by the time I can go for parole the guy that did this crime would already be home for 10 plus years. I am hoping that your able to help me in some way I have missed up in my life but in here I have never gotten into, a fight or been involved with drugs. In my trial the DA. lied to the jury and I was trying to get a DNA test on gloves that... the DA claims I must have worm in the home that I never entered, I offered to pay some how if needed for the DNA test that would show the DA lied in my trial but I have to help But my PSI said that the guy who did it told the courts that I have a Issue with angel that I em violent and antisochal I love being around people and if I had a anger problem I would not be trusted in here to work in maintenance driving a steamroller and used Tools like saws razors ect. I am at a stand still and need some one to step up and help if all possiblethe system is missed up when the guy who did a crime can get out before the one who is just a party to the crim I think that 15plus years should of been anough but was punished for taking my case to trial in polk county, that is up north where there have been alot of problems with the judges and Lawyers and DA's knowing each other and not doing what is write, if you can please help in any way here is my PRC papers my story and my address feel free to post it any place you need to and if people need or want to write me they are free to do so. thank you for your time I look forward to hearing from you soon also here is my picture its the best I got thank you. for your time and thank you for everything you do and for the time you take and for having a big heart with respects always. Antonio Herrea JR.' p.s. here is my address. Antonio Herrera JR 1/ 396578 Unit Ozaukee-east Racine Correctional Institution P0 BOX 900 .Sturtevant, WI 53177-0900

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