Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chima Agim, innocent in Texas

Chima Agim #870112
Clements Unit
9601 Spur 591
Amaillo Tx 79107

Innocent Man seeks probono legal help
Texas DOC #870112
Name: Chima Agim
County, state of conviction: Dallas, Texas
Year of sentence: Feb 5, 1999
Type of charging instrument: indictment, information papers
Type of evidence used in my conviction: No evidence
Lawyer: Public defendant
My plea: Not guilty
Prior convictions: none
Education: college, I was a medical student prior to my arrest
Did the crime take place? No
Who are the grand jury that indicted you? Ghost jury, they never existed, indictment and information papers were all forged by the trial judge and prosecutors

Detailed information in support of my assertion in criminal case
Before my arrest on February 16th, 1998 my girl friend then and sister had threatened to lie on me and have m e locked up if I ever left my girl friend . In that way I wouldn’t get to be with another female. They were also concerned that my acceptance to South Methodist University (S.M.U.)to play soccer under college scholarship will increase my chances of leaving he. So I didn’t want to go to jail or prison on their false accusation I called the Dallas Police department and talked to Officer Allen Eugene Timothy and made report to him. I also asked him if I can leave my girl friend due to I don’t feel comfortable with our relationship and he told me to leave if that ‘s how I feel to avoid going to jail for nothing> and I did just that and left and my girl friend and her sister called the police on me for physically assaulting my 4 month old son and coincidentally officer Allen Eugene Timothy was the officer sent to arrest me and he told me don’t worry about it, contact him as witness through my lawyer. While incarcerated in the county jail for injury to a child . They put another charge on me after prosecutors told them injury to a child wasn’t heinous enough to put me away for a long time since there was no evidence that I actually hit my son. Thereafter I was accused of sexually assaulting my girlfriend and her sisters daughter s on or about December 31st, 1997 . I was never around my girlfriend’s sister’s daughter on that day but was around my girlfriend’s daughter and was not by myself, my girlfriend, my son, my girl friend’s mother were all around the jiffy I was around. However, when evidences showed that it was all lies- the prosecutors changed the date from December 31st,1997 to June through August 1998, and the prosecuting attorneys dropped the charge on my step daughter among others and took me to trial on the sexual assault on my girlfriend’s niece. During my trial a medical doctor testified that the child has never been penetrated before thus contradicted what I was charged with. The police officer in charge of inmate records, Richard Hamb testified that I’ve been in the county since February 16th 1998 for injury to a child and never left the county jail until my trial date 1st through 5th 1999, and that I can’t be in jail and at the same time be in the free world committing a crime. But trial judge, the
systematically selected trial jury and the prosecutors said I can do the impossible and said I’m guilty but never provided evidence to support their findings. Come to find out the entire prosecution were false.

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