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James Bauhaus

James Bauhaus
A teenager who was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in Oklahoma, has proven his innocence. He uncovered hidden police records, including police reports, fingerprint evidence, blood sample documents and police artist sketches that show how one witness was manipulated to testify against him.
Now, after 13 years of false imprisonment, My Bauhaus has his case in court and is asking us to write the authorities asking that they give a fair ruling on the case. Letters from the public are needed because this case involves conspiracy by the police and FBI, and a fair hearing will be difficult to get. Below is an essay by James, " Can't Get Unconvicted" and a link to his blog, which contains documents that verify his staements as well as tip and facts about the legal system in general.
After looking through these documents, please consider writing one or all or the people listed below. You can ask for a fair hearing , or even Asking what the progress has been made on the case will allow the government to know people are watching.

write to:
Judge Jessie Harris; Tulsa County Court House; 400 Civic Center Plaza; Tulsa, OK 74105
Prosecutor Tim Harris; same address as above
Attorney General Edmonson; State Capital, 2300 North Lincoln, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

James Bauhaus website: On it you will find documents for his case as well as "Innocent's Guide to false Conviction".
These documents expose corruption in every governmental level from Tulsa police to federal judges, who seem to conspire to allow the real killer to go free and allow James to suffer for a crime he didn’t commit.

Proven innocent; can't get unconvicted despite proof of innocence
James Bauhaus;Box 220-88367;Hominy, OK 7^035

Dear Sir or Ms,
100% of the convicting evidence was two witnesses who are now proven by their own words, recorded by police, to be liars. Three women, all separate in time and location, gave police matching descriptions and drawings of the killer, saying he had short, brown hair, no glasses. They helped police look for him for seven days, then police put me on all OK TV stations and newspapers for two days. Nobody called police to accuse me of anything, not even Mrs. Baker, who admits having seen me on TV then. For 78 days more, police and witnesses searched for "short, brown hair, no glasses". Then police somehow caused Mrs. Hunt to forget her previous description and drawing of the killer and pick me instead.

94 days later police tried to make Mrs. Baker pick me. (See police reports.) She refused to sign their accusations against me and instead reminded police that my hair was far too long for me to be the killer she saw. Police finally did manage to make her switch her testimony 18 months later during trial by calling a recess and threatening her with jail for lying to police. All the physical evidence was lost by police; none of it was volunteered as law re­quires.

Police claimed that the killer's prints were "smudged", and they all forgot, in unison, which of them collected the killer's blood and what they did with it. They all kept a third witness secret, who never changed her description of the killer, and police concealed all the initial, truthful, descriptions and drawings of the killer which would have proven my innocence to jurors.

In 1974 the killer blundered into my kin's checkout line. They talked and he gave his name as John Shelton. In May, 1979,Qunion Leigh saw him at the McAlester trustee bldg, but would not reveal his name. I told the police and warden, "Now his prints ARE in your data­bases; please match them with the crime scene prints." They ignored me, then hired Steve Neko Stewart to kill Shelton for cigarettes. A kindly OSP employee showed me their prison photo of Shelton. He was too old to be the killer and did not resemble me. It seems as if the killer used Shelton1s name as an impromptu alias. It is likely they knew each other and no coinci­dence that they were both at McAlester*s prisons at the same time. In 1985 I escaped to find him. I found that he and Shelton are connected in time, neighborhood, vices and criminality. I also found proof of my innocence in police files. I returned to use my escape trial to ex­pose the facts, but judge Steven Taylor, DA Ellen Corcoran, PD Patrick Layden and the guards conspired together and prevented trial with an illegal ruse. (See: F-85-121)

In five years of appeals, 39 judges and eight courts decided to go blind to the facts and protect the killer by refusing to allow analysis of this DNA and fingerprints by ruling, absurd­ly, that nothing was concealed, witnesses' memories improved with the passage of 20 months and that I suddenly grew five inches of wrong-color hair in just seven days.

After 29 years of lawsuits they were forced to reveal the FBI report that shows that three police identification experts and two coroners all made the same incompetent blunder eight times in a row by collecting "insufficient" blood from a blood trail five blocks long. Also, the FBI transformed plenty of blood into insufficient blood by pretending to look for seven different killers of Mr. Hunt from the same blood trail left by one teenager.

Also, 27 years ago I sent three Public Defenders to the police after this blood. The police lied to each one, in turn, claiming they had NO blood. In 1997 a new technology made DNA available from finger­prints. When I appealed on this, the judges refused to test them at my expense. (They had concealed at least 21 prints from the killer.) Then an innocence project lawyer found that the same time I filed for this fingerprint DNA testing, these fingerprints disappeared along with the chain of custody records on them, same as the blood had by 1975.

Only about 1500 persons went to OSP from Tulsa between 1974 and 1979. The actual killer is among them, along with record of his scars from hopping the fence making his escape from the crime scene. His picture is there too. All Tulsa and DOC authorities need do is look in their own files. Both the killer and John Shelton were in the Tulsa Jail, probably caught for petty crimes and allowed to snitch their ways out of them to dodge prison for years.

I offer a $1,000 reward to anyone who will look in these public records and find this killer. I am blocked from finding Mm by the authorities while in prison myself. You are not. I'd be much obliged if you would do this or force the authorities to do so. This killer should not be let to run loose. Sincerely, James Bauhaus

Again see documentation on Jame's website:
Police Reports
Court Transcript: Blood
Destruction of Blood Evidence
Court Transcript: Fingerprints
Police artist sketches
Post Conviction Relief 12-30-06
The articles on this site expose corruption in every governmental level from Tulsa police to federal judges, who seem to conspire to allow the real killer to go free and allow James to suffer for a crime he didn’t commit.
The Innocent’s Guide to Avoiding False Conviction
This book reveals the hidden tricks of the courtroom, and how to counter them. It includes what James learned too late to stop the system from devouring him.
Innocent’s Guide to avoiding False Conviction
James describes his flight from prison, his slow arduous ascent from refugee to homeless, to hobo to abject poverty to prosperity and finally, exhonoration. He pursues the actual killer of the porn merchant through a labyrinth of secret police, court and prison records to find a monstrous truth that has already cost three lives and could yet cost his own. Available on disk, contact James at the address below.
To contact James, send email to:

James Bauhaus 88367
Dick Connors CC
P. O. Box 220
Hominy, OK 74035-0220

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